Lost in space, what a concept. Well there is a series called lost in space that was based on the original series that aired from 1965 to 1968 and was syndicated and ran on the Sci-Fi channel and several other networks. The original lost in space series was inspired by the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson and a comic book published by Gold Key Comics titled Space Family Robinson. Just the idea of being lost in the vastness of space is mind boggling to say the least.

The original run in the 60s was set in a different time and era and something we thought we would have attained in the late 90’s referring to 1997 as the series projected we would have inter-spacial travel by that time. A series that was in many ways ahead of its time and thinking like many shows from that era. What I loved about that series was some of the humor and family bonding, something I look back at to contrast the new series which was presented on Netflix and ran for three seasons.

The new Netflix series is a far contrast to the original and more grounded in the element of the novel the swiss family Robinson dealing with family and bonds, there is little humor but much threat and suspense. Things were in greater peril as the family was lost in space. The 2000 series is also grounded in some sense of real physics and science where they other was simply entertainment.

At first when I saw the new series and saw the change in cast and roles. For example dr smith was now a woman and penny was a half sister to her sibling and also a black. I know many hated that change, some of these individuals are also black which left me puzzled as usual. We are in a new era and we have to share the wealth of characters.

Overall the series from start to finish was an adventure with ups and down, family drama and dynamics and a rather satisfying conclusion. Overall I enjoyed the series and wished it had another season but I am also elated to know that it concluded with out being dramatically cancelled like many shows I have watched on the streaming services.

With that all said check out the series on Netflix you may enjoy it.

DAYUM!! Mr Inbetween – What an amazing series

Wow what a series. Mr Inbetween a series which is the continuation and conclusion to a 2005 Australian film called the magician, staring Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith, who happens to be a hitman. I have never seen the film so sadly I cannot compare but the tv series is phenomenal. Out the gate you are dragged thru a series of crazy unfortunate events for protagonist marks. Ray is a hitman and sadly he is efficient at his job. What the series tries to do is give this hitman a sense of a normal life. He has a daughter, a sick brother, a pain in the ass best friend who always has his back and vice-versa, a handler of sorts or better yet the person that finds him contract jobs. Ray does exhibit a sense of having some form of a code which is showing as the series unravels. You just want to root for this villain of sorts, who is simply trying to live his life. If you are a fan of breaking bad you may enjoy this series. The series is much shorter with only 30 minute episodes which amazingly fills a void. Trust me even with a shorter burst this series delivers and good grief this was a great ride which left me sadden at the conclusion. Oh, the conclusion does not disappoint just in-case you were wondering. It is a bitter sweet series that simply left my soul incomplete and simply wanted more. The writing staff really out did themselves on this series. Funny enough the series was created by Scott Ray who happens to be the star. This series had difficulties being green lit and took several years before given the go and I have to state I am elated that this was created and just sadden that it ended. If you get a chance check it out. I won’t spoil this amazing series for you with any spoiler just know that Ray has a code basically don’t screw with him, his family or his friends.

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