This is the power rangers us rangers from the late 90s wanted to see but alas we are given a new power rangers with a meh script and power play. Adi Shankar did a wonderful job of finding the right people to play these wonderful characters and portray a very adult version of power rangers. It was not for everyone and certainly not a PG power rangers. Seems like a anime come to life, then again power rangers was not originally an american creation but a cheap Japanese rip. Either way enough of my rip at the rangers check out this what if Rangers indy flick.

DAYUM!!! Video released for ¬†Narcy-FREE…directed by Ridwan Adhami.

So my old colleague and friend Ridwan Adhami has partnered again with Yassin Narcy to produce ‘Free’ a music featuring people who are currently struggling to be free. Free to live, free to enjoy some form of happiness to see a brighter tomorrow. Free of anarchy free of every injustice that plagues all nations. We in the united states enjoy a false sense of unsuppressed freedom to do and say whatever we want sometimes without consequence and without thinking about the people of countries that suffer. Anyway enough of my rant. Check out the video. Make sure you check out the details of the video by going to the YouTube page.

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