Wow, that was a wonderful and sad end to a series that I got so accustomed to seeing every now and again. This is one series I did not think would have survived to the length it did. Seven seasons strong with all-out action and some cheesy tidbits but always fun. It is extremely rare that you see a series last that long these days due to so many factors, cast members outgrowing their bubble and fandom, bigger contracts and the list goes on.

One cannot be more than proud of what writer and creators have accomplished in their run. Just for clarity before I do my dive, I have not seen all of the episodes due to my main career and sheer lack of time. What I do, is try to catch whatever I can in hopes to binge which never happens. There are several shows that have kept me intrigued but that is a story for another day we are here for Agents of Shield.

Season Seven, was not the best of what I have seen as it as many science-fiction films or series dabbled with time manipulation which is a very tricky way of doing a do-over. Regardless it was an interesting take as they tried to have fun with this season and simply enjoy the last run of what they created. I will not add any spoilers for those who have yet to watch this season or past but Zeek took the trophy for simply being MPV well for a moment. There were a few memorable scenes, sad ones that left you wondering and thinking about life and there were ones that left you laughing. All in all it was a good run and I hope to see where the cast go next.

Thank you, Agent Coulson and company for making the earth a safer sector