So 2.1.2019 was a rather interesting day, I was able to visit IGN’s San Francisco’s location, I was made aware of this thanks to Mark Medina of IGN so a big thanks to his post on the event. On the way to the event I also saw Fran Mirabella but I did not want to be that creep that interrupted him while he was on his way to lunch so I simply ignored and kept on walking.

At the meet-up site being outside there were several other individuals lined up, I spoke with only two individuals. Sighs the world of nerds we are so anti-social. Jumping right in we were screened tagged and led upstairs. We were given the tour met several peeps. I took the opportunity to speak to several individuals whose channels I have watched over the years Brian Altano (@agentbizzle) and Destin Legarie. Later at the meeting which was hosted by Mark Medina I was able to ask about their take on Indy game highlights and an example I posted was Hollow knight which got alot of praise by Tom Marks who is also a fan of that game. There were also alot of interesting questions asked by the other attendees and the feedback was wonderful.

This was a great escape and experience for a closing friday, if given the opportunity I would do it again probably way after GDC and E3 as those are probably the hardest time to get a meetup like this.