Hollow knight, wow what an amazing game. I have not beaten this game but I have played a few hours of this game and am totally in awe of the visual, sound and game play. This game feels hella solid and beyond the fact that it’s a metroidvania style game the entire layout and game design just works. As usual enough talk check out the ign review and possibly check it out on steam where I purchased my copy or switch which it currently resides I am also waiting for a xbox version. The last metroidvania game I played was Ori which was also amazing.

***So update I bought the Xbox version and wow I LOVE IT MORE THAN THE STEAM VERSION. Well I love my xbox plus my computer is for work not play so I rather play on the xbox as that’s what I bought that system for anyway. Regardless a great game, the level design is downright amazing, the NPC are hilarious and interesting, the Bosses/sub bosses and the close enough to bosses are great. Can’t wait to see what teamcherry does next.