While on another page.. namely Facebook and all over I have been observing the thread of the soon to be released revamping or rebranding of Thundercats as a comedy. The next several paragraphs will be my views and my views only, which could change when I am able to properly see this series. ” For one after seeing and hearing the opening I call it a step backwards but that’s just me. When I see things produced by a team I ask why does everything has to look and seem so mediocre and lazy. We have the tools to really kick ass but we rather do it the lazy way and slap the whole it’s humor. I have observed the new generation of shows with the not so popular styles like Regular Show which in many ways is a dope and well written show because it was different and funny, similarly with Adventure-Time. Unfortunately I never really cared for Steven universe…. Never like that show. Rick and Morty down right hilarious. Teen Titans go….not so much as I felt it killed the chance of them doing the O.G teen Titans again and I feel the same with Thundercats roar. Will it be good probably as kids will love anything. The reality is we are still kids at heart. If they were to ever do dbz like that ohhhh hell. Trust me I know it’s a cost factor.

So while discussing the nature of the animation someone stated that the intro was good. I took the liberty to download the animation and slow it down. GOOD GOD IT WAS GARBAGE. I am no master animator but damn that was the worst piece of eye sour I have seen in my life. Have you seen the Rick and Morty intro, now that is an intro, this was a lazy Piece of Shit. If you know animation tools you know this was lazy and I am a master of lazy and short cuts in animation so I should know and this was done by a team WHAT THE HECK! At the end of the day Thundercats is not owned by me or anyone directing shade or even commenting so we can complain and banter in the end they made their call and judgement, it will most certainly sell. Oh trust me I looked at it, all I want to know which over seas house is handling the animation. I would go in more but I am not getting payed to be their speaker, I will though do my own review later when it is released. One show even though the animation was certainly not done here was Avatar the last air-bender or some of the DC comic animations. Sighs…again not my show so I won’t get a head ache over this.

At the end of the day, everyone does not need agree on the matter as it is clearly open for discussion. The 2011 revamped series was an interesting take on the franchise but fell short probably due to meh writing and was not that appealing, yes it had a slick style but it was missing something it just did not have that WOW, now that was awesome pull, it was rather boring, I may have to watch it again. Don’t mind me though I will keep watching my anime, until something as interesting as the avatar comes back or even the black dynamite cartoon even though that went to some places I had to wonder. Currently I watch and read One-Piece and there are many that hate the art style, I hated the art style as well when I first saw it but grew to love the art and story, there are some point where I am left puzzled butit’s bearable. So I will give this ThunderCats-Roar a chance and let’s see where they go with this new venture. If it’s comedy let’s hope to the celestial beings they have good writers as the death will be swift. Prime reason why I don’t care much for American produced animations anymore.