Just something on my mind while watching something in the background while I conjure up some work to do on my down time.
As an avid anime watcher one thing that distracts my viewing pleasure is a bad dubbed show. Take for example these two scenes from Dragonballz one is Gohan’s Transformation in a SSJII and the other is future Trunks first transformation, the audio and music tracks play a very important role of settling you in the mind of the character, it seems good audio compilation was fully thought out for the English versions . While looking around I found that many people share the similar sentiment. The ones that I found for these epic moments were The Original being Japanese and other languages other than English. The German track for Trunks actually was not half bad. The key to remember for such moments were to express extreme rage, bitterness, bliss and loss. I felt no such feeling for the English version these were simply bad acting and purely lame. For Gohan’s transformation in English there was simply too much talking ((BLAH BLAH BLAH) and the voice was just annoying. What they seem to lack is the build up moment to something dramatic which the original had along with most of the other language dubs. Cantonese was not half bad for Gohan’s transformation, I felt the pain in the voice.

Below is the version comparison.
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Trunks transforms

Gohan Transforms