From a Russian animation group -Lazar Corp comes a fan animated short titled Ichigo of Bleach vs Pain of Naruto. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer amount of insanity the animation seem to throw at the audience. Being a lover of insanity this put into retrospect the animation of lore that fueled my lost love. This takes the best parts of both series and turn them up to ludicrous levels. After watching this I felt uterly lazy and that I have not been pushing myself as much as I should pertaining to my animations. I am uncertain as to how many animators worked on this nor does that concern seems valid or necessary. The colors, though used in limited contrast worked to convey the action that was taking place and allowed the animator to focus on subjects. This was far from a simple effort this was a solid flare. In a way I felt this was a throw back to all the over the top anime I have watched except that this was a straight ten minutes of pure insanity.

I would spend my time explaining and talking about this megabomb but I feel you should use this time to watch this amazing work.

Don’t forget to follow the link back to their own youtube page and check out the other things they work on. Can’t believe I missed this awesome work when it dropped back in April 2014 what the heck was I doing.