OH my god what a beautifully crafted film. When I think of film making, I think of crafting something out of the ordinary with a bit of humanity at most. This film much like most of the Nolan brother film is simply breath taking and an awe to adore in our time. It did not dwell into the avenue of aliens or god or the supernatural it dealt with humanity as a construct, a model a way to explain our quest to survive. I tried my hardest to avoid any spoilers any tangent that may ruin the splendor that was this movie and boy was I awed. The last movie that gave that similar sense of humanity with the same sensibility to space was the astronaut farmer staring Billy Bob Thornton. I was unaware that Billy was such an extraordinary actor he sold the movie splendidly. Much like how Billy sold that movie, Mathew was absolutely splendid in his role and almost shed some man tears but had to hold them back, could not seem weak around the masses. There will be moments where you will think that explains it all. Either way this is where I will stop my talk about the movie as I think it would be fair to say this movie should be seen even at least once. It’s not Inception but it has a marvels that speaks wonder and maybe it may even open our minds to many possibilities. Here is hoping we make things happen. Oh and did I forget to say they have some pretty interesting robots and trust me nothing like what you may expect.