Destiny a game I can truthfully say I admire for the creativity and down right share a distaste for the lackluster story which is unfortunate as this is a product coming from a series I adore and from a company who I grown to respect. The reason why Halo worked was simply due to the simplistic story format of a hero hell bent on his mission of saving the human race. It was not too complicated nor was it entirely original in design but it worked and worked really well. For the 4 plus Halo series at current not counting O.D.S.T and Reach you assumed the role of John Spartan 117 the Master Chief who had a computer sidekick much like Link and Navi or Ratchet and Clank or Jax and Dexter. It was a novel series a first person shooter FPS for short which built on what came before. Was Halo the best out there no, I can’t say that but there are so many out there. Either way Halo which was made by Bungie, an indy studio by design but the captured by Microsoft was a masterful game which help Microsoft sell it’s new system the Xbox. At the start I was never a Microsoft fan due to some person concerns which are not necessary or this article but the ripple from that concern barred my entry into the Halo series when it first debuted. I have since made up for that and purchased all halo series to date and simply love the series. Halo Reach was actually my first Halo game and I have since loved the series.

Returning to the love and hate of Destiny results from what I have come to expect from the team at Bungie which is an immersive game of awe and wonder. At the start there was awe and wonder and at the conclusion of the story mode I was left puzzled, this is it that’s what I bought. Hmm where is the fluff where is the amazement. Why does the story seem empty, it was not a book where it felt to be continued it simply stopped there was to be more but the effect was I expected more, I wanted to more. I felt the dish was under-served when compared to Halo. The problem was this was not Halo this was a different test of a game. This was something I was not used to for this type of game. What destiny attempted to be was a game that had rpg element allowed you to go a mission alone or as a team and depending on if you choose the highest difficulty you were rewarded with the randomly generated lore. This was a hard bullet to bite as yes I wanted this RPG type game but why did it feel broken. It all came together on my most recent match that I was able to complete due to a simply observation from another player. Destiny after you reach the level cap of 20 allows you to continue to replay mission at higher difficult to gain the lore necessary to bump your gear to level 28-29 to then attempt another series of higher level game play which required team work. The observation I witness was not the team work aspect, as I was not lacking in that department and most players are capable of giving you commands without being able to vocal to you, it was something else a simply mastering of the game world. In my case it was more of finding the easiest way to beat a level under certain condition. For example the game has an instant kill or game over mode which forces you to restart the level which when played on the normal setting you never have to encounter called the nightly setting. This was my first time trying this mode and I died 3 times before finding the sweet method of beating the level. This was all due to an earlier game observation which I was involved in. During my process of res-pawing I noticed the other player hiding in a particular area, I thought to myself wait a sec where the hell is this dude and after finding this location I used it in my current game I was totally awe struck that people were able to find sweet spots to do damage and reduce the damage to ones. People may call this cheating but in the real world that is called being observant and knowing your surroundings. That observation was simply one of many location observation I used to my advantage to play the game and accomplish the task which seems almost impossible to achieve at my then level. Currently the only real supreme challenge is the PvP which I am slowly getting used to and enjoying. Recently I made a small video regarding my earlier distaste of particular things that occur when playing destiny check it out.

In conclusion I have less of a hate for destiny as I see what they were attempting and it’s not that they failed it’s simply we expected too much from one project when Halo was a series that built over time. I believe what we wanted was more than just the half attempted story, we wanted a more flushed out complicated involved story, something that drove like the ending arc of Halo or even Halo Reach. I enjoyed the story in Halo Reach, it was difficult to have a negative vibe the story had a wonderful build up, middle and conclusion and felt a loss when the final character fell. In Destiny’s case there was simply nothing of that nature as it was just a game to play and grind and evolve your character to have to play thru certain challenging areas and test your skill or keen observation and best the game. Love or hate destiny has created a new mold and I believe this will be one of the many things that will change the gaming community.