There are only a few games that gives you that feeling of woah and this game called ” Black The Fall” is that very game. The game is not revolutionary by any standard its a puzzle game with tried and tested mechanics but what it does seem to bolster is a strong connection with the designers as they are building a game around something they understand which is oppression. As to how the game may turn out I cannot say but it seems they may be onto something here. Something that in many ways weighs down on many around the world the feeling of not be able to do anything, feeling useless. The video demo that becons for support from the kickstarter community shows a snippet of what they are going for and I hope in the end they deliver on what they are trying to convey, unfortunately I was not aware of this Kickstarter until recent so I missed out on supporting this project. Enough chit chat check out teh video check out the kickstarter even though you may have missed it as they most probably have a extended helper page.