2Advanced was a website I followed back in the late 90 well lets just say 99′ thru current era but it seems they have slowed in their output to the public or so it seems. The site featured some of the best digital media on the web. This was during the infancy of flash and what it was truly capable of doing now today flash(shockwave player) is a thing of the norm much in the same vein as html5 and all the higher end backend and front end tech that drives websites. It is actually amazing which these tools grow o what they are today. In the world of animation which is my largest strength with programmer as my second tier strength I have the best of both world able to thread the needle between the best of both worlds. Going back to 2advanced as I seem to drift away from my subject matter at times they were one of the best, note there were many talented smaller creators and adopters but 2advanced which was once headed by Eric Jordan branched into something larger and more ambitious in it’s desire and goals. Working for a company like that was my goal at one point but I soon learned I wanted more than that as the world was constantly reshaping and certain things you desire as a youth soon seem meaningless. Yet again I drift but what 2advanced brought was a non-linear approach to digital media which flash allowed if you were knowledgeable in the craft of programming. 2advanced had some of the best programming genius that created some of the most radical websites and again I state there were other greats out there that did some warlock level websites but in terms of sheer consistency 2advanced was a rockstar. Maybe I am being bias but they were one of the best. My earlier websites took ques from their design sense and innovations.
Now that we have entered or have been existing in the age of the mobile application or simply for short the app world, I would love to see what apps they have been developing for the public consumption, considering that flash may be crippled as an android or apple app for mobile platform but it is still used as a tool to create content for these said devices. What made flash amazing was the fact that it was a tool and platform to do Digital media creation in one package. It was lighter weight After-Effects and premiere all rolled into one. It was a editing tool with non-linear capabilities, in that it could deploy a media which was interactive, to the level of allowing the user to control the media if the sources or output files were tagged and programmed and coupled in a way to allow for customization or in other words interactivity. I truly hope I did not go over anyone head in my laymans description as I am truly not good at breaking down the logic of complex matters. Either way flash and such tools are simply amazing. For more on 2advanced and what they are upto check out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/2AdvancedStudios

While on their page I noticed this project which brought a smile to my face http://dajam.2advanced.com/