The Final season of Avatar Korra Sesaon 4 was released online on 10-3-2014. Due to Nickelodeon’s new method of delivery the animation will be an online only viewing. The fans can see all episodes on Nickelodeon.com or their mobile application(app). Viewing the first of the final arc brings excitement to see how the creators will close this chapter. The greatest aspect of this show is the embodiment of strong female lead characters which has been very lacking in animation. Beyond that without giving too much away we are brought back into the world of Korra three years after the incident of season 3 which left Korra yet again almost killed and used as a means to an end. This also destroyed her pride in herself as the Avatar and who she is as a person. Loosing her link to her past lives left her broken and alone with the weight of her past decisions creating the current situation. It’s a tough burden to bear as a young person maturing into a figure of hope. The pacing picks up rather quickly with a possible new threat who upon watching the premiere you will be made aware quite quickly as a strong female nemesis, again another thumbs up as this show has the highest in terms of strong female ladies. What I loved about this animation was the martial arts used in the form of bending it’s simply fluid and seamless.
To conclude this show is off to a great start and I would like to see what else they have up their sleeves. The preview of the season looked to be a heart stopping fiasco. For more on Avatar Korra check out the Nickelodeon page.