Late to the viewing of this anime but recently I watched a series called ‘Sword Arts Online’ which was an anime based on fantasy MMORPGS but on a scale where your mind is brought into the world much in the vain of the Matrix trapping the users in the virtual world where if they died in that world they would also die in the real world. The only way to escape this world was to defeat the game’s end boss.

The characters designs were typical fantasy anime attire no real mystery there. Over the top action with all so amazing 2d animation by really talented artist. Hands downs this is yet another wonderfully animated series worthy of a collection corner.

Much like many anime that seems to have its theme around a particular construct, like gaming, sports etc it totally dominates the arena. There are other anime that SOA shares a likeness but hands down this is laden with emotional impact, which most anime I have watched are capable to deliver with amazing results but lacks.
What I love about this anime is the bond the main characters have for each other, its almost intoxicating. There were moments when characters died and all you can do is feel the loss knowing that even though this was a virtual world these characters actually died in the real world thus pushing the seriousness of the situation they were all in. Another key thing was they captured the whole team spirit of a MMORPG which is key to making a story based around that theme. You form team/guilds and you work together on the front line and when you were not on a quest you worked the town as a sword-smith, inn keeper, merchant etc. There are many events I will leave out to not ruin your viewing of the show so when you have a chance watch it, enjoy it and follow it up with the other series call SOA2 Sword Arts Online II. This will surely be added to my collection.

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