Now this is on bitching what if they made an Akira live action. So far this fan made live action trailer is simply beautiful. Now go give these bastards a hug for entertaining you. This production can probably go two ways one it could be cool or two it could probably suck but I enjoyed the hell out of the trailer.

Producer/Director: Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
Director of Photography: Jan Belina-Brzozowski
Visual Effects Supervisor:Santiago Menghini
Production Designer: Laura Nhem
Kaneda Shotaro: Osric Chau
Tetsuo Shima: Xavier Yuvens
Yamagata: Simon Li
Kei: Judy Wong
Production Manager: Aurélie Bernos
First Assistant Director: Andreas Mendritzki
Line Producer: Aonan Yang
Editor: Arnaud Faure
Sound Design: EchoLab.TV
Sound Designers: Gavin Little, Joe McHugh:
Post Production Supervisor: Simon Allard
Executive Producer: Osric Chau
Producers: Santiago Menghini, E. Nova Zatzman
The Colonel: George Manley
Lt. Yamada: Simu Liu
Special Forces: Steve Kasan, Phi Huynh, Minh Thuy Nguyen,
Jean Mai, Giancarlo Talarico
Number 26/Akira: Anh Tuan Truong
Clown Gang Biker: Luong Chun Wai
Biker: Ranga Rajachandra