I was starting to get worried with Mr Greene’s kickstarted project Deadline Volume 4 but you know there is a certain group of people who are, clear throat always late, so that was the only reason I did not blow up his inbox anyway he greeted all the fans with a most glorious surprise and boy oh boy was it a surprise. I can’t show you all the art and thing that he posted on his page and to all the people who helped this project please just like the man said when you get the pdf do not distribute it. The man worked really hard on these things so we should try our best to no pirate the product. As a earth larvae I have done my fair share of being a pirate but sometimes there is a line to draw and in a case like this I draw the line. If you failed to support his kickstarted project purchase the book after it is out there. Anyway this looks to be a great book of his work and I am glad I was able to throw in a few dollars to help out.