Eric Muthoga and Shin Kyouketsuki are Kenyan Manga artists. They also do work for Shujaaz.FM magazine.
Being a mangaka is a household name that will never go away. It’s sad when students are being told that they are not real artist if they draw manga. Actually what they should be advised is that if you want to drawn like those manga artist, you should also study life drawing as those wonderful manga artist are actually really talented in drawing life art. Thanks to the advancement in technology and the wonders of the internet limitations are being pushed aside take Kenya, a country that you would think may be isolated from everything there are youths that are mangakas, drawing manga style art but in a aesthetics that is more recognizable to their region. Even in Jamaica my mother land we have artist that are tenfold more talented than myself and are gaining grounds. I can’t wait to see where they go next and what takes place in the next few years.