Chrono Trigger has been one of my old time favorite rpg even though I never had the opportunity to beat it. This game was released in a time when I simply had no funds to purchase my own games. I did not have mommy and daddy to purchase insanely priced games. It was a few years before I could play these games legally, yes I do admit I used emulators to play the old classics but when these games became available on the playstation I certainly did not miss the chance to purchase the collection. None the less I never had the time to properly play it again. The one thing I have to commend beyond the game play is the music arrangement/score it happens to be one of the best of it’s generation.
Eitherway this article is about Richie Branson a musician much like myself who loved Chrono and many other games of that era so much that he does his own throw back to these games. For more please check his website at the link below and check out his musical arrangement for his other passions.