Tale of Shadows: Teaser #1 from Corretta Singer on Vimeo.

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing the work from a rather talented artist/animator/visual director Coretta Singer. This segment was from her short film Tale of Shadows. The short was visually stunning and had a rather crisp clear and concise dialogue that fit rather well with the context, pity it was so short but this was simply a short segment of the animation. A few years ago Ms Singer had an animation named Kina Sky featured on Nickelodeon Animation festival in 2009, I believe it was in 2009 hold on while I do a quick query yup it was nickelodeon 2009. For more on her amazing journey and work go to http://correttasinger.com/animations/. This is an amazing talent to watch for in the coming years where she will become a great director of more than just animation but films. Let the games begin it will be a marvel to see what else she has up her sleeves.

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