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DAYUM!!- EPIC BATTLE !!!!!! Goku vs Superman flipbook animation by etoilec1


What the fraggle this dude totally put anything and all things to shame in this amazing flipbook of Goku vs Superman. With sound and all HOLY BAT FRACK.
Another reason to up my skills in 2d animation this dude layed it down like someone stole something. I have not seen such splendor and dedication in a while. I love when fans to some fan service and do it in a splendid way.I do hope he will also create something that is in a way original to his own creation now that he has a userbase that sees and knows his talent.

Check out the user’s page


Here I am thinking I found the best stash of dbz fans.. OH MY GOD. Thanks to a plug from my bud PopePhoenix I was made aware of this amazing talent who did a DBZ FLIPBOOOOOOKKKKK damn and it was well done. MAD PROPS.

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