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This was brought to you by the talented DUBA and DADDYPHATSNAPS who are at presents some of the best lyricist playing and making Destiny tributes in their VLOGS.I have heard both do their own raphipopera of destiny time and time again and its sweet music to my ears. Full credits below.

Directed by BONES
Videography by G&G Editing
Music by Dan Stone
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Collier

If you wish to nap the song simply go to

Now Check the video Teh first being the video and the second being the making of or behind the scenes.

DAYUM!!–An interesting post from a fellow manga reader via Mangastream.


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Written by mangastream reader- Note: This blog post was devised and written by bijun
Again note this is not my article simply a reposting and you may follow the link below to read the article.

Every long-running manga generally develops a formula. It is a dreaded, yet sometimes necessary tactic for lengthening a manga. Some mangaka rely too heavily on the formula, and it makes the story stagnant. Others figure out how to keep it exciting, even if the reader knows the general formula. Below are some of the formulas I have noticed in the Big 3, plus a note on DBZ and HxH.

Bleach: Fight a super-strong enemy, and right when things look really bad, get a mega boost and overpower them. Get the enemy against the ropes, only for the enemy to reveal they were hiding their true power all along. Hero gets beaten nearly to death (but you are made to think they are dead). Then another hero (who just got a power boost from secret training) saves the day. Rinse repeat, and nobody but the bad guys die.

Naruto: Present an enemy. That’s not your real enemy, but you won’t know that until you defeat the decoy. Use team effort to defeat the decoy. Sometime between defeating the decoy and defeating the true enemy, everyone else gets overpowered and they put their trust in Naruto. Naruto has beefed up sometime before the final battle, and OP-Naruto saves the day.

One Piece: The Strawhat Crew is going somewhere, but ADD Luffy gets distracted and decides to do a side mission. The crew eventually splits up (Zoro always gets lost, Sanji always gets distracted by a girl). All of the crew fight someone of greater strength and just barely manage to win. They move on to the next place, slightly stronger, and with a bigger bounty on their hands. (They may or may not have picked up a crew member.)

Hunter x Hunter / Dragonball Z: You fight. You get defeated. You train. You get stronger. Some people die. You fight again. You win. (One story is severely more complex than the other though.)

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