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DAYUM!!!!–CHINA IL dope show


This show right here is dope as heck. I never realised how dope this show was until I actually watched it one night by accident. The episode was well written, it had humor it, had a sense of being, it was thoughtful and emotional. That my gents and ladies in my eyes is considered a decent show. If by chance you were put off by the style as they say of a particular show, please don’t do that disservice to yourself like I did. The episode I happened to watch was season 3 “Charlize”. When you have a chance in Heck watch it.


DAYUM–David Hasselhoff – True Survivor (from Kung Fury)


So I have been here and there and quite busy these last few months with many things and finally have had some down time to check out a few funny videos namely this music video for a 80’s style web video called Kung Fury which is a must watch for simply weird bats**t humor. All I have to say is watch this flick.

David Hasselhoff – True Survivor (from Kung Fury)

While you are at it watch the actual movie


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