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DAYUM!!–Cannon Busters: The Animated Pilot Official Trailer


So CannonBusters which seems synonymous to GunBuster a classic animation series but no relation dropped early this month which would be July 8th 2016. It was an amazing short by the Cannon Buster team – Lesean Thomas, Thomas Romain and the whole Satellite gang along with any other partner company and Artist that too part.
The music and animation blended beautifully, it had a vibe that simply screamed I wanted this damn animation made into a series.

Getting to the meat I am very elated that I supported the kickstarter. Was it what I expected and more? In actuality, I was unsure what to expect as I was not sure if the creator was aiming to follow what he started in comic which I also own. The comic as I briefly recall was most definitely a different take thus far but I am excited to see where they may go with this slight shift, again I am unsure if that was the original course, the creator can do whatever he feels. As for the look and feel this was a vibrant setting, not much is shown in terms of scale as this simply was the opening pilot or half a pilot as I would assume as it was only 15 minutes. Here is to hoping that this publicity affords them the greenlight to secure funding, as it does cost a great deal to produce this level of animation. If possible I would hope it was picked up by netflix as I have a love for how netflix works, then again this feeling is from a consumers point of view and not as a creator. Overall I would hope that the creators are benefiting from such a union.

For the whole Team list check out the Cannon buster page here!!


DAYUM!!-Game of Thrones – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis


BWHAHAHAHA I was introduced to this online series by one of my gamer friends. I am quite taken back by how interesting, informative and entertaining the web episodes were. The selling point of the episodes are the way the topic being a book or movie is told. Many would consider the language to be slang, ebonics or whatever they call it these days, I know it as street lingo, the way of conversing in a urban populous. Regardless of what you call it the host does a excellent job and I found each episode entertaining. SO enough of my Jibber Jabba just check it out.


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