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DAYUM!!–Cannon Busters: The Animated Pilot Official Trailer


So CannonBusters which seems synonymous to GunBuster a classic animation series but no relation dropped early this month which would be July 8th 2016. It was an amazing short by the Cannon Buster team – Lesean Thomas, Thomas Romain and the whole Satellite gang along with any other partner company and Artist that too part.
The music and animation blended beautifully, it had a vibe that simply screamed I wanted this damn animation made into a series.

Getting to the meat I am very elated that I supported the kickstarter. Was it what I expected and more? In actuality, I was unsure what to expect as I was not sure if the creator was aiming to follow what he started in comic which I also own. The comic as I briefly recall was most definitely a different take thus far but I am excited to see where they may go with this slight shift, again I am unsure if that was the original course, the creator can do whatever he feels. As for the look and feel this was a vibrant setting, not much is shown in terms of scale as this simply was the opening pilot or half a pilot as I would assume as it was only 15 minutes. Here is to hoping that this publicity affords them the greenlight to secure funding, as it does cost a great deal to produce this level of animation. If possible I would hope it was picked up by netflix as I have a love for how netflix works, then again this feeling is from a consumers point of view and not as a creator. Overall I would hope that the creators are benefiting from such a union.

For the whole Team list check out the Cannon buster page here!!

DAYUM!! Dragonball Absalon Episode 3- Mellavelli


Sometimes you have to give props where it is due, this animator from France, named Mellavelli who like many from my generation loved Dragonball z and all the crazy action fights that came with it. This animator has taken it to another level and has released his third episode of his fan based series called Dragon ball Absalon. The story follows the new z team which includes all the kids all grown up, Gohan being the oldest of the group, followed by Trunks, Goten, uub, pan, bra and any other children I have missed, the original cast from the series makes entrances too, yes that would be Goku, Vegitta, Piccolo and etc.

As mentioned the animation is well done, there are several limited animated frame areas but under the load I can see why the animator decided to limit the frames on some scenes and worried more about the action scenes. One of my biggest gripe of this series is dialogue which sounds like a cheaply dubbed anime, FYI I hated the American dubbing of DBZ it was simply horrid, I preferred the Spanish overall next to the original Japanese. Alas I understand he does not have the budget to hire top voice actors. Getting away from my criticism this series is still worthy of a watch or two as it introduces some very interesting twist, story arc and adventures.

In the past I had been one to give him gripe regarding the fact that the Dragonball franchise is not his property and receiving funds for animating such a product could come back to bite him if the original content creators decide to sue him, but hey that is just my words, thankfully that has not occurred as he is doing a better job of entertaining compared to the current cannon series newer season and episodes.

So please if you can check out his amazing work from the link below if for some reason the embed fails.
Also note he does other animation besides Dragonball which are equally satisfying.

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