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I have been hearing things about this series on netflix called Devil-Man Crybaby, I had seen the OVA several moons ago in my youth and recall it being very similar but in that old school art style. Regardless I was now eager to see this new revival and see what the talk was about. Lets just state the hiphop intro by those Japanese rap artist was different and welcoming as was the art style.

Overall I do compare it to Evangelion as this series does dwell in a similar battle between angels, demon, human as well as sexual madness. If you are squirmish or not so into gore this anime is not for you. The action is insane and wild, sometimes a bit too over the top and much like any crazy anime the ending is expected.
As usual check it out on netflix make your own opinions.

DAYUM!!!! #Netflix green lights #Cannonbusters

Being one of many supporters of #cannonbusters when it was a #kickstarter campaign I am overjoyed to hear it got picked up by #netflix for a 12 episode run. It’s a bitter sweat moment because there has been no update from the campaign heads to anyone supporters since July 16,2016. Once you start a campaign through a social network platform it is expected that one should be transparent and open, that is so far from the actual truth. I suspect more than likely in order to get the contract with netflix the team had to agree to an exclusive buy out or acquisition from netflix, much in the same way when you want to have exclusive contents locked to a Game platform system. Yes it may appear to be bad business but it’s simply business none the less. All I hope after this neflix adventure wraps is that they honor the kickstarter campaign at that point I can be satisfied. Even though I want to see Children of Ether which was another production done with the blessing of #crunchyroll I will refrain until the cannonbusters fulfillment is honored.

This reminds me of another talented artist who had to still prove his merit the great #HayaoMiyazaki. To get green lit for his First major animation #NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, he had to create a manga and publish it which basically became the blue print for the film which was a trimmed down version of the manga. I will wait patiently for how this will play out. Incredible times we are in. We got little witches series, a new voltron and god knows which other animated series that I may have missed that went under the radar.


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