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DAYUM-Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Fan film


It seems a fan film is in the work for dragonballZ the trunks saga story and from the teaser it looks amazing. I have seen some great fan work these last few years from Starwars to Star trek to all sorts of fan love, this joins the Dragonball Z love and lore. Here is hoping that they do a most excellent job and prove that indie projects done by dedicated fans and skilled creators can create some of the most beloved fan favorites.
Enough of just gawking and go check out the teaser and trailer and give them a like and possibly comment.

DAYUM!!-Walking Dead is back- Season5


The walking dead is back and off to a what the Fraggle start. I love this series and the way they go about business. Taking down zombies is a business and it is not cheap one wrong move and you are either get bitten and become a zombie or become zombie food, whichever you think is worst well lets just say neither is a good turn of events. So season five starts of where season four left of which was a “woah we are at this point” kind of a moment. Lets assume you caught up to season 5, that means you understand the crew is now captives of cannibals and from the outlook it does not bode well for our heroes, how will they escape this one. Fighting against a horde of zombies is one thing but fighting against hell bent living souls is another case left up to debate. Avoiding any spoilers lets just say it’s not a pretty conclusion but it is definitely entertaining and a welcoming turn of events.

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