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This will be short and sweet.
How can I put it the Last Jedi in many ways was bitter sweet the last Starwars movie I loved was Rogue One. To me that was a wonderful Starwars story. I loved the Rogue One novels and the tales of the fighters who were simply human. It was tough watching this film but I have to give it the damn that was unexpected, they totally did a was of the cash, I have to look in the credits to see if the director was not Korean , seriously this was told like many Korean action drama films I saw where even the hero was one the list of people to potentially die. I have many friends who hated how The last Jedi and even Rogue one played out stating that used cheap was to solve a problem. At the end of it all the problem was solved.
For rogue one the movie was very linear and I loved the pacing and serious nature of the film, there was no hand holding in this series, there were a little humor in several shots but it was a serious film and you felt the weight the characters carried all the way to the end.
As for the Last Jedi, I too felt they did a cheap plot development to the end, they could have done so much more with the cast but they choose a Battlestar Galactica 2004/Stargate-Universe method of story telling where everything is not as expected and this will be glum as hell. What was the point of the prequel up to the first movies then to simply lay ways to all the characters. I do understand the reasoning for creating new cast but it could have been handled differently, that is just my opinion. Most of these reasoning stems from reading many Starwars novels which were well written and build such beautiful worlds when imagined. Alas we are left with a shard of what could have been.
This will remain a spoiler free post if you have yet to see the film check it out if it is still in the theater referring to the Last Jedi, and if you have not see Rogue One, I highly recommend finding it on Netflix or a VOD service I highly recommend that film. I am about out of mental fuel and bit you a good night.

DAYUM!!- Hateful Eight – WOW


What a great 2016 kick off, Quentin Tarantino delivered on what I love about his movies. Most critics seem to grade a movie based on some arbitrary basis and miss the point, then again people are entitled to their opinions. There will be “NO Spoilers” here simply watch the movie. What I can note about this film is the set up to the climax which was quite entertaining and surprising. With all the cards layered question everything and pay attention to everything as this will give clues to what will play out. It’s not a hard to digest film, it’s entertaining and the dialogue plays out like real life I suspect that is what makes this film believable up until it opens up. That’s as much as I will say without spoiling the film. Watch it in a theater if you get a chance, if not a large screen tv.

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