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DAYUM!! Gordon Bellamy-Gaming for Everyone at GDC 2017-XBOX Sponsored event

So earlier this year at GDC like most years the B.I.G(Blacks in Gaming) which caters to minorities not just Black individuals but does have a large number of black individuals hosted a talk with Gordon Bellamy one of many influential that has done numerous things in the gaming avenue and beyond. The event was a mixer where Gordon was speaking about where he has been and so on. This was a very informative mixer which reminded me about the Gerald Lawson’s mixer from 2011. Unfortunately there is not a full recording of his mixer which was also very interesting or if there is I am unsure who has it.

Xbox Gaming for Everyone at the 2017 Game Developer’s Conference Blacks in Gaming Event – Fireside Chat with Gordon Bellamy.

DAYUM!!-Sticky Fingaz (Onyx) – Rap Starr

How did I miss this song so many moons ago. Been to busy with international music of various origin. Taking it back to one of the O.Gs of my youth Sticky Fingaz. He was a youngin doing gangsta style music with a interesting twist either way if you missed this track like I did listen and enjoy, if not take a trip down memory lane.

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