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Black Panther A dream from my inner child

Black panther as a comic character turn film means so much in many ways to many individuals, especially children and individuals who live in the world of imagination and wonder. As a child I would have loved to have seen a character that I could image and wonder about being. As an animator, a game designer and creator of visual worlds this hold a wonderful place in heart. Long have we searched for that superhero we could relate to. The film represented many things, it showed a unified collective of various cultures, It showed a fictional near utopia region in the continent of Africa not drained of its resources by colonizers. It showed what Africa could one day become and what we only dream may happen. It showed the beauty of what we would yearned they would show case of Africa many locations and nations. Personally I was sick of seeing the slave stories as if that was all we had to tell of our past, we did not start as slaves our origins stemmed from much further back. Many want to stop at Egypt as if that was the dawn of man and mainly African. Egypt barely touched the surface of what and where we came from and what we could be. I look at Egypt and think oh more middle eastern influence.
What I took away from the film was the awe of seeing strong Black Women, who were not afraid to embrace their natural beauty, some don Afros, natural hair style or some simply had no hair, they were not presented as sex objects or prizes that we are seen time and time again but mighty warriors who did not require the protection of a man but was respected as a equal. Having a younger sister who is practically the athletic prodigy in the family who does not needs a man to protect her, she seeks her equal to stand by her. This was our starwars, startrek, our harry potter at the end of the day it does matter who created the character, it just gives the children of tomorrow an image of hope that we do exist even in fantasy, that we have brilliance. This film shows a culture that we so longingly wanted and had lost our connection to. We now have a super hero who is not batman, superman or spiderman but so much more he is a king of a nation. Beyond that there are strong women, noble men, monarchs, of more than one tribe.

Growing up in Jamaica, I saw so much culture so much of unity. Our motto out of many one people. Has a meaning that we are a nation of many different groups of people, you will find a chinese, japanese, white, indian all sort of jamaicans. Mind you each group had their own form of unity and devide at the end we were still all jamaicans.

This film also shows how we as the lost children of Africa felt which was abandoned, alone without a base culture, we were stripped of anything that connected us to mother Africa by our colonizers. In a sense this was us hoping for such a future, this was us not being a people who were stolen from that shithole Continent but from somewhere greater even again if it a fictitious place called Wakanda. The question is how did we become a shithole Continent. Thank you Colonizer, don’t you worry the descendants from those shithole countries will not forget that statement and hopefully we will try to make our base-nation better. If you love the score snag it from amazon or google, note the score is not the same thing as the soundtrack.


I am not the most keen on this whole bitcoin, Crypto-Currency hype. I jumped in as well like many others only I was more hesitant to jump in with my whole life fortune. Most who made a killing were at the bottom of the barrel and obviously made a heep due to the multiplier effect. Is it a gamble, most certainly as the tech is the underlying truth to what it can and will be. I have heard from many people who have made several thousands from being an early adopter. The thing what many like myself missed was that its not the money factor but the tech and implications for such tech. Trust me this is not a new tech but what is even more possible now and possible going forward. I do a believe in the tech, yes and no. Yes in that it’s something to help advance things but, no in that things will change and something better will emerge, nothing is forever and there is always something better waiting. This was build and designed by man so things will surpass this tech as for now, it is a gamble which many will jump in on. The idea is to understand what it is. As a friend once put it these are applications with super powers. The notion is that these new applications are called coins. That whole play on words is what throws everything off. I will be here watching to see where it goes, yet another thing to get in the way of existing more distractions.

1-14-2016 PST11:25-
So it came to me while cooking that the whole idea behind digital currency is the fact that we the people are basically pay the way for which ever coin/tool we are supporting which then increases the value of said tool much like crowdfunding. I call it a tool per say as each coin seems to fall in a particular use or function and simply a way for the entity to receive your said funding. Pay attention as various merchant will arise to accept your method of payment which will end up being their tool/coin. Simply something else I was not paying attention to while now realizing this BlockChain/Bitcoin emergence.

There is still much I do not quite understand and I wont pretend to know much as there is simply too much to digest given the time we have. I was fortunate able to speak to a few people who have been involved for a bit and some that jumped in a few months prior to my delving into this mist of an adventure.

If you are reading this and plan to invest in a tool/coin research that said tool and what it will do in the blockchain methodology what is it’s function and how will it operate. In short what are you supporting or paying for. Remember the value goes up based on demand,need and adoption oh and lets not forget you, you being the buyer who may be investing current accepted currency in exchange for the blockchain used currency. I say pay attention to what comes next as that will be the deciding factor. As we venture into the future lets not forget the past.
Dot-com_bubble It happened and it can occur again. As many made it through that era you can do the same by being aware of what may come next.


1/14/2018-PST 5:45pm
I am in a quest to understand this blockchain and in so doing I have located some things for you the reader. Crypto currency thing.
This line right here from a post I read says more than I ever need to state.
“An initial coin offering is a way to raise money: A company creates its own cryptocurrency and investors buy into the new coin, without actually buying a stake in the company.Mr. Gardner led an I.C.O for his start-up Augar,creating an “Augar token” That he then sold to raise real world money. These tokens sold fasr, and it is one of the forces that kicked off this boom. for a time, the value of Augar, a market-forecasting start-up with few customers, exceeded $1 billion.
Taken from “
Remember this term I.C.O, this is very important to understand and know. An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies, but usually for Bitcoin.

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