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DAYUM!!– What will they thing of next- HOODSLAM!!!


Yet again I have seen it all HOODSLAM wow a real reason to watch wrestling again. This is purely and all host fun hahaahah, you know this is fake and one miss step can possible lead to a severe injury but you for the most part from a outsider looking in, this seems like a group of rejected wrestlers having fun while making money. I know WCW and WWF came a long way to be considered a professional career but while watching this you can see what is currently missen from the wrestling we see today. OOOHH MY GOD I am watching this final fight while writing this and It was totally worth the watch. OHH my God that shitz was frigging awesome hahahaha. You know I am crazy when I am writing a review of sorts for a content I am telling you to check out. Enough of reading get to the watching, I am done writing.

DAYUM!!–Funny Commercial- Girls Don’t Poop –


DAYUM!!- That’s how miss hot stuff rolls, I actually stopped to watch this commercial just to see and hear this lovely lady talk about how her poop stinks hahaha.


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