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DAYUM!!! Blake Robinson totally radical musician.

‚ÄčI am a classic videogamer by generation and a lover of all things awesome. Here comes Blake Robinson a lover of a similar genre and taste. This amazing creator has rescored some of my classic games with some of the most amazing orchestrated tracks every. I simply have to celebrate when someone does it right. There are other creators out there who I will mention in their own post whom I also found to be quite amazing as well. I have purchased several of Blake’s music as they are amazing. As usual I try to keep my post short and sweet. Check out Blake’s page and listen to all his amazing productions.  Make sure you visit his page and give him some love.

Blake Robinson’s page

DAYUM!!– Welcome Matt-Saturday Night


On this slight down time a join Collaboration was made between Kevin Jackson and Nedrick Mclaren to work on a few short series which Kevin had created as a comic series which Ned being myself wanted to animate as they seem like great short pieces. So here I present one of several shorts that will be released as we finish them. Kevin voiced both characters while I handled the animation.

If you need to see Kevin’s comics where the ideas are based you may visit his blog at

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Check out the user’s page

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